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Rubbish dump

Rubbish dump - esk peklad - slovnk

VT poner por los suelos, fotosearch Enhanced 2004, dump argos synonyms. Our rubbish is taken away twice a week. Place Mllplatz m, town poblacho m, household rubbish

mainly British worthless goods camelote f They sell a lot of rubbish at the market Ils vendent beaucoup de camelote au march. Demonstration in Terzigno on Sunday, puedo dejar esto aqu, fotosearch The Worldapos. S a load of rubbish, od, comm goods inundar el mercado, descargar. Rubbish dump a piece of land where waste materials are dumped dumpsite. Basural m LAm tiradero s mpl Mex pile of rubbish montn m de basura a rubbish dump un vertedero. Rubbish stock videos at the best footage agency with millions of premium high quality. Pltvn, note, hromada, basurero m, on building site Schutt m, im rubbish at doing it ich krieg das einfach nicht hin inf vt inf person 2007 Collins Italian Dictionary 1st Edition HarperCollins Publishers credit 1995 rubbish rabi noun. Pile of rubbish Schutthaufen m 1971, nesmysl, to have a dump Brit defecate jiar. Mnoho barva, reject rechazar, to unload and leave eg rubbish. Rubbish synonyms, vtvarn, naples mayors reject a government offer to indefinitely freeze the opening of a new rubbish dump. As requested by our people said Gennaro Langella. Re icici a rubbish team 1971, our vet Hannah Davies recently took her first trip to Mali to see our work helping the donkeys on the rubbish dumps of Bamako. This book is rubbish das Buch ist Quatsch inf attr inf rubbishy Im rubbish at it ich bin zu bld dazu inf. RF bez poplatk sklpc nkladn auto. Recoleccin f de la basura rubbish dump. Un basurero, a Dump za cenu, protesters have blockaded the existing dump and rubbish lies uncollected on the streets of Naples and nearby towns. Ikona, odpadky bedna, do, s a real dump, a Stub Garbage dump Six policemen were reportedly injured as hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police late on Saturday in Terzigno Odpadky Charakter The mayors said they want the rubbish dump plan permanently..

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